Enter your questions
  1. Enter Test Name.
  2. Click on the chevron to view question types as well as sample questions.
  3. Copy and Paste the questions from a word document or type out the questions and answers. Ensure to leave a blank line in between questions.
  4. Click on the Generate Test button.
Step 1 Image
Check for any erroneous results
  1. In case the Test Generator fails, review the questions and answers in the red box(s). It could mean that the system cannot determine the question type, the format is not correct or something is missing.  Mouse over any red field to view a detailed description of the problem
  2. The green box shows questions that were successfully detected.
Step 2 Image

  1. "Test generation successful" message will indicate all questions were detected correctly.

Step 2 Image
Choose how you want to upload your questions to Blackboard.
  1. This will place the questions in a text file that can be added to an existing test using the “Upload Questions” option in Test Area Blackboard.
  2. This will produce a zip file that can be imported into the Pool Area in Blackboard.
  3. Indicates the number of questions generated

Step 3 Image

Choose your export format
Step 5 Image